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All In a Circle

Member Module

What is koperasi?

Koperasi is an autonomous business unit which members voluntarily unite to achieve common interest in economic, social and cultural rights, through an entity jointly owned and democratically controlled. Example of Koperasi in Malaysia includes Bank Rakyat.


Benefits of Using Member

  • Manage the relationship of the koperasi members- This module is hereby to help you to separate your suppliers and customers within your koperasi clearly.

  • Simplify the complex transaction within your koperasi members – As your customers can be your suppliers at the same time in a koperasi, this module allows you to group up your suppliers and customers according to different document types as decided.


How Member Works

Step 1: Setup Member Information and opening balance under Member Master.

Step 2: Setup multiple receipt and payment in a single transaction by login to Task Settings.

a) Example for receipt: Receipt from Member Loan

> Member control account GL code: 12110

> Bank account receive GL code: 11310

> Add additional charges: Current month Interest receive GL code: 51100

Step 3: Generate multiple receipts and payments under single transaction (screen name).

The member report column is the same with Mr. Accounting Customer Reports.

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