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Import Module

What is data import?

Data import means to insert data from one file type to another. Data that is produced by an application can be inserted to another application through data importation.


Benefits of Using Import Module

Import Module in Mr. Accounting allows user to import data into Mr. Accounting in a faster and easier way. Users can download an excel spreadsheet from this module and key in data into it. Users then can import their data by batches directly into Mr. Accounting.

This module can:

• Validate the errors in the data before allow users to import:

i)  Transaction files (sales data, cash sales, customer receipt, purchase data and supplier payment, cashbook payment, cashbook receipt and journal entry).

 ii) Master Files (account chart, tax, customer, supplier and stock).

How Import Module Works?

Example one: You need to import Customer Master File into Mr. Accounting.

Step 1: Select ‘Customer’ in Import Module.

Step 2: Export the excel template of Customer Master File.

Step 3: Enter your data into the excel template that you have exported. (Note: ‘*’ stands for required field).

*Note: Save it as Excel 97-2003 workbook (*.xls) or comma delimited (*.csv).

Step 4: Go back to Customer Master Import Module, click ‘Browse’ to upload the excel file that you have saved.

Step 5: Click ‘validate’ to check errors of the data in excel sheet.

Step 6: If there is any error, double click on the ‘error’ column to see the error description.

Step 7: Correct the errors found in the excel sheet and reupload. Again, validate your data before import.

Step 8: If there is no more error, click ‘Import’ to import your data into Mr. Accounting.

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