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Ease Your Multiple Payment

CIMB Bulk Payment

What is bulk payment?

Bulk payment is a simple, fast and secure way to make regular payment such as wages, expenses and supplier payment through online transfer. A company can make more than one payment in one batch through this payment method.


Benefits of Using CIMB Bulk Payment

Mr. Accounting now came out with an idea of using payment voucher to generate bulk payment. With this, users do not need to key in the same transaction information again in the online banking system. However, this application can currently support only CIMB bulk payment.


Users need not to worry about security issue as this application can generate an encrypted file, in which the encrypted information cannot be edited by anyone.


How CIMB Bulk Payment Works?

Step 1: Select bank GL code in General Ledger Maintenance that represents CIMB Bank account. Then, set Bank Type as CIMB Bank.

If you want use CIMB Bulk Payment in          Mr. Accounting, select CIMB Bank at the bank type column.

Step 2: Login to CIMB Bulk Payment to key in organisation code which already assigned by CIMB to Biz Channel user.

Step 3: Key in beneficiary name and bank information under Supplier Account.

  • We can save more than one account no. and bank type. But please be noted that we need to assign an account as the default account.

Step 4: When make payment to supplier we need make sure that the payment type in supplier payment entry is set as “Bulk Payment”.

Step 5: Go to CIMB Bulk Payment and select Payment to generate file for upload to CIMB Biz Channel.

Press Generate Text File to generate text file to import to Online Banking channel and save this file in a folder in your PC.

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