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What is MySoftCare?

MySoftCare is a means of protection against destructive forces and contingent, uncertain losses. MySoftCare provides total assurance that its members shall receive software support and consultation from a team of highly trained MySoft experts with in-depth knowledge of your accounting software.

Why should you sign up for MySoftCare?

  1. It acts as an insurance. Therefore, you will receive professional assistants for problems you may face while using MySoft products. You, as our valued customer, will be treated with great care and attention.

  2. You will have peace of mind knowing that a team of MySoft experts is at your service when you experience problems, need software updates, or just want advice regarding MySoft products. Having someone who knows the inside and out of your accounting software will allow for a much faster troubleshooting process.

  3. We will provide your company with time and resource to solve your problems, essential support to update and maintain your MySoft products, and offer valuable money saving advices and solutions.

  4. We offer a range of contracted support solutions all of which are tailored to suit your business and deliver you the support you need, all from as little as RM 30 per month!

By signing up for MySoftCare, you can enjoy MySoft Support Plan with these benefits: -

SST Compliance


Ensure that your MySoft products is SST compliant with the latest SST guideline, tax code and GAF format to avoid any penalties and fines for SST Violation.

Software Update


Keep your MySoft products up-to-date with the latest features, new applications, improvements and fixes, in order to improve its performance and stability.

Member Benefits


Entitle to various special discounts and vouchers for a range of MySoft products, workshops and training.

Report Layout Customization


Personalized report can be made in accordance with your request. Just provide us your design and we will produce them for you. Special discounts are given to members.

Professional Service & Support


When your company faces accounting software problem, MySoft experts, with a background in IT and Accounting, will provides professional service and support in local languages [Malay, English, Mandarin, and Cantonese].

Data Checking


Facing problems with your data? We can check your data free of charge.

Consultation Services


MySoft support team provides quality advice and software solution, allowing you to fully utilized MySoft products in managing your business.

Enjoy free MySoft Support Plan

in their first-year subscription of MySoftCare

For MySoft


For Members

Under Dealers

Please refer to your dealer about

your MySoft Support Plan

for more information

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