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Accountant Share

What is Accountant Share

Accountant share is an application developed by MySoft in order to ease the work of auditors or freelance accountants. This application provide synchronizing function in which auditors or accountants can work on clients’ backup data without affect the live data of their clients.


Benefits of Using Accountant Share

  • Changes append on current live data - Changes made in data by an accountant will append clients’ current live data.

  • Apply for External Accountant.

  • Convenience – Do not have to go through multiple process and could work at own place and own pace, and no 9-6 office hours are required.



How Accountant Share Works


Step 1: Accountant (freelancer) received one set of backup data (from Mr. Accounting) and documents needed to key by him/her from his/her client.

Step 2: Accountant takes client’s data and restores it in Accountant Share.

Click here to restore client data.

Step 3: Accountant keys in sales entry by batch based on client invoice given by client.

Accountant can key in sales invoice by batch posting here.

Step 4: Accountant backup the data in Accountant Share and saves it in pen drive.

Accountant will backup the data to pen drive and send the data back to client side.

Step 5: Go to client side and synchronize the database with client’s live data.

Click here to restore data from accountant side back to client side after accountant finish their work.

Select database from accountant side.

Press Synchronize to combine the data from accountant account with client live account.

Step 6: Finally, login to Customer Module and select Sales Entry. Client can see the transactions that have been done by accountant.

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