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Project Management

Effective project management comes from the visibility and monitoring

provided by MySoft ERP.

Project Administration And Delivery Time

The MySoft ERP’s project management module offering all the essential functions needed for you to manage your project more effectively. You can have the project planned ahead before starting and executing the project smoothly. You can even view all your projects from the project management's quick view and provide you the quick search functions by project type, customer name, project start date and more.



Project Tracking

You can now monitor the project’s result against the pre-defined objectives. The project management allows you to record the project completion status by percentage. By monitoring the project's progress tightly, you can identify and analyze the project's issues and risks, from there take immediate actions and project execution improvement.



The Project Billing, Accounting and Profitability Calculation

You can define the cost center related to your project. It also allows you to calculate the overall project cost and generate an invoice against the project completion easily. Furthermore, by leveraging the cost center, you can make an analysis of the project profitability by comparing the planned versus actual expenses or revenue incurred for the project execution.

  • View all your project in a glance

Project Management 1.png
Project Management 2.png
Project Management 3.png
  • Record down the comprehesive project details

  • Calculate the project value and project cost

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