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Compliant e-invoicing Software for LHDN in Malaysia

Improve your cash flow management and streamline business operations with electronic invoicing (e-invoice), the newly endorsed standardized method by LHDN for exchanging invoices directly between suppliers' and buyers' software. Easily transmit and receive invoices quickly, securely, and effortlessly, even if both parties use different software.

Benefits of E-Invoice


The implementation will occur gradually, starting in August 2024 as below:

  • 1 Aug 2024 -For businesses with an annual turnover of RM100 million or more

  • 1 Jan 2025 - Businesses with an annual turnover of RM25 million to RM100 million

  • 1 Jul 2025 - eInvoice becomes mandatory for all taxpayers in Malaysia

However, businesses can voluntarily embrace e-invoicing from 1 January 2024.

Mysoft E-Invoice Solution

MySoft ERP E-Invoice Features & Implementations:-

   1) Customer & Supplier E-Invoice Information update

   2) All 95 Data Fields required to issue E-Invoice is designed according to LHDN GUIDELINES

   3) MySoft E-Invoice Modules

  • Invoice

  • DN & CN

  • Cash Sales 

  • Batch Consolidation Invoice

  • Payment Refund

  • Self Billed Invoice

  • Self-billed Credit Note

  • Self-billed Debit Note

  • Self-billed Refund Note


   4) Customize Billing Vouchers Layout

   5) Auto Reconcile with LHDN Data

   6) Email Management System

   7) E-Invoice Analysis Reports

   8) Software Training

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