Mr. Accounting Version 11

Why should you update to Version 11?

Mr. Accounting Version 11 is an upgraded software with some of the new advanced features that can assist you in running business cost-effectively:



Allow you to easily to manage the latest SST ruling revised by Royal Malaysian Customs Department.


Providing user the most advanced features to assist you in running business cost-effectively.



User is being reminded to perform at least 1 (one) daily data backup.


Mr. Accounting Version 11?

Main Features

Daily backup reminder

Receive software updates

when available



Add keyword search

User define the report's title

and tax total's title

Optimize software performance and security

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SST or Non-SST Module

SST Module

-  Company profile update, for Sales and Service Tax Registration number and date.

-  SST Tax Code in Tax Code Maintenance is added to map with the SST-02 form submission.

-  SST Tax Codes Update, for 10% and 5% Sales Tax or 6% Service Tax and Tax Exempted Code.

-  Quick Batch Master file SST tax codes update for the customer, supplier, and stock.

-  SST exemption number for SST-registered company under service group G.

-  Add Tariff Code field in item maintenance.

-  New SST Source Document format (Sales Invoice, Sales Credit Note, Sales Debit Note, Cash Sales).

-  SST posting, Input Tax is posting to purchase GL codes and stock in cost.

-  SST-02 return (Tax Submission)

-  Detailed SST Tax Report.

Non-SST Module

-  SST Tax Codes Update for Non-SST and Tax SST Exempted.

-  Quick Batch Supplier Master's Purchase Tax Code update to Non-SST.

-  Quick Batch Customer Master's Supply Tax Code update to Non-SST.

-  Quick Batch Stock Master's Purchase and Sales Tax Code Update to Non-SST.

-  SST posting, Input Tax is posting to purchase GL codes and stock in cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to pay for the Mr. Accounting Version 11 Upgrade?

Yes. Update fees are applied to update Mr. Accounting to Version 11. This improved version of Mr. Accounting bring more advance features and assist you to run business smoother.

Will my reports and data get affected after i upgrade my Mr. Accounting to Version 11?

No. Upgrading your Mr. Accounting to Version 11 will not affect your reports and data.

Can I try Mr. Accounting Version 11 before upgrading my current version?

Yes. You may try out the Mr. Accounting Version 11 (Demo) by clicking the software download link provided below and install it into a different computer. Kindly contact us for the support if you need to install Mr. Accounting Version 11 (Demo) in the currently installed Mr. Accounting's computer.

What can i benefit from the force data backup functions?

You will be reminded to have at least 1 (one) times of daily data backup. This procedure securing you the database always stay up-to-date as possible.

How to active SST Tax Code in Mr. Accounting Version 11?

Although you had updated to Version 11, you are still required to go through the SST Tax Setting manually by updating the SST Tax Code, SST Default Setting and Master Data to SST Tax Code. Kindly please contact us for the SST Module's Access Code.

What if I'm not SST-Tax registered company?

The Mr. Accounting Version 11 is not mainly only for SST-Tax registered company. SST Tax excluded company like yours can update to Non-SST Tax Settings and still benefit from the latest version built-in advanced features, assist to run your business effectively and efficiently.

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