Your company will be subsidized RM1,200 per employee under the PRIHATIN Package WITH NO CONDITION!

Dear Business Owners,

The Malaysian government has announced the Wage Subsidy Program (WSP) under the PRIHATIN package, it assists to subsidize you to pay each local employee whose salary is less than RM4,000 (Gross Salary) for a period of 3 months. All companies can apply the Wage Subsidy Program as per the following current size of enterprise:

What are the Eligibility Conditions?

Please ensure your company has met and follow the following conditions:

1. Local employee salary is RM4,000 and below.

2. Local employee has registered and contributed to the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) or Employment Insurance System (EIS), before 1 April 2020.

3. The company registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysian (SSM) or Local Authority (LA) and operates before 1 January 2020.

4. Employer cannot retrench, instruct the employee(s) to take unpaid leave and pay cut for a duration of 6 months (April to September 2020).

5. No Need to declare the company’s sales dropped.

(Note: You have to declare if more than 75 staffs and company sales has declined by more than 50%, comparing January 2020 and future months.)

What Supporting Documents Should Prepare?

Please prepare the following supporting documents: You may download the Standard Form (For Item 1 to 3) from either website below (PERKESO or MySoft): - PERKESO Official Website: Click Here - MySoft Corporation: Click Here 1. Declaration of Announcement of PSU50 Form. 2. Employee’s Name Listing Form. 3. Employers’ Panel Bank Registration Number (BRN) Form / MyCOID. (Note: You may confirm the BRN with your company's registered bank.) 4. Copy of the latest SSM/ROS/ROB Registration. 5. Copy of the latest Company Bank Statement. 6. Copy of the latest Financial Statements / Sales Reports. The reports must be verified by the management. (Note: Item 6 is only applicable for the company more than 75 staffs.)

How To Submit The Application?

1. Go to PERKESO's website: Click Here

2. Click Registration

3. Select Wage Subsidy Program

4. Click First Month Application

5. Fill out the Company’s Details

6. Upload the Supporting Documents then submit.

(Note: Upload file size should less than 2MB).

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