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MySoft Work-From-Home Solution For Mr. Accounting Users

Here’s exactly how to thrive as a remote worker in the days of COVID-19.

Malaysian SMEs Are Starting To Work From Home

Due to the spread of Coronavirus and the Malaysian government has announced the Movement Control Order (MCO). Many Malaysian SMEs are now operating the business remotely from home, such as major companies like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Google have already implemented it. Are you ready to work from home too?


Advantages Of Working From Home

Working from home can bring significant benefits for companies and employees: 

A. For Companies

  • Operating the business remotely

  • Increase employee's work productivity and job satisfaction

  • Improves employee's health and minimize number of sick leaves

B. For Employees

  • Staying away from COVID-19

  • Sufficient time to meet family demands and responsibilities

  • Save time from commuting or traveling


How To Start Work From Home?

Working from home means your employees have to remotely access the software and organize group meetings with customers and colleagues through video conferencing frequently. The following things you have to set up to support work from home implementation: 1. Remotely access the software You have to set up the secure connection bridge between your home PC and the office PC to support your work from home implementation. You can keep operating all your business remotely by login into the MySoft ERP system from home, such as issuing Sales Order or Invoice, receiving money and sending marketing documents to customers. 2. Effective communication systems Work from home is easier said than done, people who often work at home know that the kind of self-regulated life that your employees control themselves may disappear because of:

  • Lack of work supervision

  • Difficulties following job routine

  • Lack of communication and collaboration with colleague

Setting up and ensuring the effective Work From Home strategy can be tough. MySoft Work From Home Solution can help your company make it through, keep your employees staying productive and lead a team while working from home.

With the following MySoft Work From Home Solutions Package, your employees can work from home easily without losing their productivity.


Work From Home Solution Package For Mr. Accounting Users

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If a workman wants to be good, he must first sharpen his weapon.

Access to the software remotely and organize group meetings with customers or colleagues through video conferencing.

1. MySoft ERP Lite

  • MySoft ERP Lite encompasses all Mr. Accounting's features

  • 50% more features and automation functions for cost-saving and efficiency

  • Support migrating Mr. Accounting's Access Database to MySoft ERP Lite's more robust Microsoft -SQL Database

  • Support remote process Sales/Purchase Order from home

  • Allowing you sending Sales/Purchase Order to customer/supplier from MySoft ERP Lite directly through email module

  • Increase your sales and reduce customer’s debts

2. Mobile Workplace Solution

  • Conduct team video conferencing

  • Smart punch card system with location check-in

  • Online approval features for leaves, business trips or reimbursement

  • Create and assign the job task

  • Employee's daily report log tracking

  • Ding drive files sharing between colleagues

  • Company announcement made within department/organization

3. Software And Application Training

  • MySoft ERP Lite

  • Mobile Workplace Solution

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MySoft Work From Home Package For Existing MySoft ERP

You may contact us to get the MySoft Cloud Solution on how to implement Work From Home for your company. Click here

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