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Relax on GST Submission! Boss.

Automatically generate and submit your GST return in one click.



Submit your GST Return in seconds

  • Mr accounting automatically generate your GST returns.

  • Mr Accounting provides 2 easy methods for GST-03 return forms submission.

  • You can save to text file and upload to TAP Account for online submission.

  • Alternatively, print out GST-03 return forms and submit to the custom counter.

Comprehensive GST Reports for Easy Audits


  • Mr Accounting provide comprehensive reports for GST checking before submission.

  • Generate GST Audit file (GAF) for Customs.

  • We also provide audit reports for tax inspection.

  • You can perform an online zoom in tracking breakdown of all the transactions in each sectionsin the GST return report.

Mr Accounting is 100% designed for Malaysia GST, we adhere to the recommended tax codes which groups by input tax andoutput tax.

Fully AutomatedTime Saving GST Calculation

All customers, suppliers and products are tagged to recommended tax codes to produce accurate andautomated GST calculation for sale invoice and purchase invoice.All the GST value were automatically posted to GST Control accounts. We even developed an automated month end Bad Debt Relief posting to ease your cash flow.

Compliances with GST Rulings

Constantly update GST features which adheres to the latest GSTruling amendments.

Professional Look GST Tax Invoice

Able to record GST transactions that comeswith inclusive or exclusive tax.Easy invoice format setup to generate professional tax invoice layout to suit your company's preferences. All invoices, debit notes and credit notes generated adheres to the GST Act 2014 We even support mixed supplies transactions.

GST Approval

You may find us in the approved vendor listing from the following link:

Click here

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