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Customer Master File


In Mr. Accounting, you can keep unlimited customer contacts from day 1 of the business, such as their address, telephone, email, contact persons. You also may maintain their GST number, unlimited delivery address. You can attach their name card, agreement and any form of file to each of your customers.


Hence, you can always be at ease as important information can be found.


View your monthly sales and collection value in graphical format for each customer from a top management view. Mr accounting also builds in a memo tab for you to record any notes or remarks for additional information.

Credit Control


Credit control is Important for cash flow management. You can set credit limit and terms for your customers. With this, you can view and print out detailed ageing report or even E-mail to your customers easily. This can effectively manage your customers and substantially reduce your bad debts.


Say ‘Yes’ to worry free cash inflow management.

Sales Quotation


Now you can easily quote customers with Mr. Accounting. Pickup customer and products to generate the quotation then you can print and send or email to customer. Through the quotation quick view list, you can monitor thequotation status.

Sales Order


Through sales order management in Mr. Accounting, you will not miss out any customer order regardless of the stock availability. You are allowed to perform allocation on free stock to reserve stock for respective project or events. In addition, partial deliveries based on sales order are one of the flavour features.


Furthermore, you are able to track and memorize customer favourite purchase with one simple click on screen.

Customer Receipts


Mr. Accounting provide customer matching features to match payments with the outstanding invoices. Main purpose of matching is to record the status of invoices ranging from fully paid, partially paid or unpaid. Through this feature, you can avoid lost of invoices, save cost and time as it allowed you to match customer payment with selected invoices easily.Forget about manual writing receipts as Mr. Accounting provide the official receipt printout and email features for your reference.

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