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Unique hybrid system, post offline view online.

All the accounting postings are being posted offline on premises but view all the Management information online. Following are the important management information:

Our monthly Sales graph


Stay on top of your billing at all times with the monthly sales graph.See monthly invoices and receipts throughout year - so you know how much money you're owed and who you need to pay.

Who are our top ten biggest customers


Information in your fingertips. Login to review who are your top customers and set your marketing plan!

List of customers exceeded their credit limits


No need to run a report - find out exactly how much customers exceeded limits displayed in an easy-to-read snapshot view.

How much money do we have in all our banks


Tracking cash flow is important for any business. Mr. Accounting MIS gives you a total snapshot of the money available in your business,so you can best manage your cash.

What are our top ten selling products


Check this out to know which product you sold most! Manage your inventory based on the hot products according  to this list.

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