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SST Module Statutory Compliance

Filling your SST return accurately and staying compliance with the latest SST legislation.

RMCD Recognized Tax Management System

MySoft ERP is a Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) recognized enterprise resource planning system and covers all the aspects related to audit processes as conducted by the RMCD. Mysoft ERP helps various companies from different industries to furnish all required accounting information and to provide correct tax declaration to the RMCD, it made the audit processes easier and hassle-free.



Integration With Financial Modules

SST Tax Module is integrated with all Financial Modules that require tax calculation within the MYSoft ERP. Tax calculation is carried out automatically based on the tax type assigned to the customer, supplier and the tax category assigned to inventory items. Manual tax adjustments are also possible in MySoft ERP.



Streamlined Tax Return Filing

Tax module allowing you to product tax invoice, credit notes/debit notes, return filing and other related documents as mandated by Sales and Service Tax (SST) easily and accurately. The user-friendly, robust system delivers an automated, instant, and accurate tax management solution which your business can rely on.

Flexible Tax Configuration

MySoft ERP pre-configured a set of SST Tax Codes which are used for making a tax return to the tax authorities. You have the ability to define new or edit the tax codes if tax legislation is changed.

Tax Return Report

Generate Tax Return Reports rapidly and accurately with the given taxable period.

Tax Return Reconciliation

Tax Return Reconciliation “flagged” on the generated tax amount and exclude from the future Tax Return Reports.

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