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Sales Promotion

Create your own unique sales promotion event with

Sales Promotion Module.

Flexible Sales Promotion

Create unique and unlimited event promotion to give special discounts for the given purchase quantity achieved and/or at the given promotion period easily with MySoft ERP’s Sales Promotion.


You can set the items’ promotional price based on the customer category such as member, retailer or distributor. Each different customer category is given a different promotion price against the items’ category within the promotion periods.


Configuration on Promotion Period And Quantity Level

 The sales promotion period configuration allowing you to Design both short-term and long-term sales and promotion plans with ease. Furthermore, the quantity level configuration to encourage minimum purchase quantity in order to entitle for sales promotion.

sales promotion 1.png
sales promotion 2.png
sales promotion 3.png
  • Special discount given to specific customer.

  • Quantity level settings to give discount for qualified customers who met the promotion’s condition.

  • User define the promotion period.

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