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Upgrade to M30 and get this promotion package !


- 20% discount on upgrade fee

- FREE RM200 Training Voucher

- FREE Mr. Accounting Applications (worth RM150)

- FREE Mr. Accounting Version 10 (worth RM1000)

- FREE Mr. Accounting Handbook (worth RM50)

Our Mr. Accounting M30 gives you the best business management experience

Sales Quotation - Reduce Human Error

  • Keep track record history.

  • Smart pricing checking.

  • Compare with customer PO to make sure there is no overlooked sales.

  • Never lost the contact details of your potential customers.

Sales Order - Ease your checking process

  • Compare your SO with confirmed quotation and PO from customer to make sure there is no vary in product price and customer details.

  • Monitor sales order by department and job.

  • Monitor pending customer order.

Purchase Order - Monitor your company purchase cycle

  • Keep track of purchase price history.

  • Perform an accurate three-way matching between our PO, supplier DO and invoice (to make sure that the quantity and unit price of goods ordered are the same with goods received).

  • Monitor pending PO.

Management Information System

Perform business analysis to make fast and precise decision

  • To increase production.

  • To reduce cost.

  • To eliminate activities that do not bring benefits.

  • To reallocate man power etc.

Version 10

  • New tax codes & GAF Ver. 2

  • Software auto-update

  • Amend transaction other GST reconcile

  • Matching history tracking

  • Can support new apps

  • Dynamic auto-resized screen

Mr. Accounting Applications

  • GST calculator

  • Initial setup checking

  • Bad debt relief

  • GL verification

  • Ledger Tracking



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