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Malaysia E-Invoice Latest Update (June 28th, 2024)

Updated: Jul 3

The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN) has recently announced several significant updates to its e-Invoice system, aimed at enhancing the efficiency and functionality of the e-invoicing process. These updates, which include changes to the Software Development Kit (SDK) and the introduction of the MyInvois Portal, are designed to facilitate smoother transitions and improve user experience for taxpayers. Here’s a comprehensive look at the key updates and what they mean for your business.

SDK Update: Key Highlights

28 June 2024

Updated Validations & Documentation

  • API Response and Standard Error Response have been updated for better alignment.

  • Document Type examples now specify "v1.1" instead of "v1.0".

  • The ‘Continuation Token’ has been removed from the Search Documents API.

Updates to Signature

  • Detailed steps on encoding the hashed property tag using HEX-to-Base64 Encoder in Document Signature Creation have been updated.

New Additions

  • A Signature Page and Relevant Samples for version 1.1 have been added.

  • A Type Page and Relevant Samples for version 1.1 have been added.

  • A new page containing sample payloads for each document type has been introduced.

  • Responses to the Get All Document Types, Reject Document, and Get Recent Documents APIs have been updated.

Other Updates

  • The Contacts page has been updated.

MyInvois Portal: Streamlining E-Invoicing for Taxpayers

The MyInvois Portal, offered by IRBM at no charge, is an e-invoicing solution aimed at easing the implementation of e-Invoice for all taxpayers, especially those not using a business ERP system. This versatile platform is accessible via computers, laptops, and smartphones, enabling users to manage e-Invoices efficiently from anywhere, at any time.

Key Features of MyInvois Portal:

  • Profile Management: For Users, Taxpayers, Representatives, ERP Systems, and Intermediaries.

  • Document Management: Includes functionalities to Submit, View, Reject, Cancel, and Print Documents.

Taxpayers can access the MyInvois Portal via the MyTax Portal, the gateway to HASiL e-Services. To facilitate its use, HASiL provides two environments:

Testing (Sandbox) Environment

  • Purpose: Allows taxpayers to trial portal functions before using the actual (production) environment. Data sent to this environment is not stored in the HASiL database and won't be migrated to the production environment.

  • Access Link:

  • User Manuals:

  • First-time login guide for Company Directors and Representatives

  • With or without PIN activation email

  • MyInvois Portal User Guide

Production (Actual) Environment

  • Purpose: Enables taxpayers to submit e-Invoices with real information and use other related functions.

  • Access Link:

  • User Manuals:

  • First-time login guide for MyTax Portal

  • User Manual (Web) – For login to MyTax Portal

  • Role Application User Manual – For the application of 'Company Director' role and the appointment of 'Company Representative' by the Director

  • MyInvois Portal User Guide

Important Notes:

  • Taxpayers must ensure they use the correct environment for e-Invoice submission to HASiL.

  • The role of 'Company Director' applications for sole proprietorship businesses and Labuan Entities are not yet available and will be notified in due course.

The recent updates to LHDN's e-Invoice system reflect a commitment to streamlining the e-invoicing process and ensuring a smoother transition for all taxpayers. From enhanced SDK functionalities to the user-friendly MyInvois Portal, these changes are designed to make compliance easier and more efficient.

To gain a deeper understanding of these updates and how they impact your business, we invite you to join our upcoming seminar/webinar and workshop. Our experts will break down the new features, provide hands-on training, and answer all your questions to ensure you're fully prepared. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your business is compliant with the latest e-invoicing regulations. Register now and secure your spot here!

To view the full Guideline you can visit LHDN's website here

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