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Updates of e-invoice guidelines and Software Development Kit for MyInvois System (API)

Malaysia's Inland Revenue Board has released both version 1.0 of the Software Development Kit (SDK) and updated e-invoicing guidelines to assist taxpayers in getting ready for the nationwide e-invoicing requirement.

The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) updated its resources for the MyInvois System (API) on April 6, 2024, to reflect the phased rollout of e-invoicing.

The update includes:

  • Software Development Kit (SDK) 1.0: This version incorporates updated validations, API documentation, and new features like additional code examples, a tax exemption field for invoices and invoice lines, and guidance on digital signature creation and validation. It also addresses specific changes related to document types, currency exchange rates, file size limits, and mathematical calculations.

  • Updated e-invoice Guidelines (version 2.3) and Specific Guidelines (version 2.1): These guidelines offer improved clarity for implementing e-invoicing. They include rephrased and removed provisions, along with editorial changes, to provide more detailed explanations.

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