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Job Costing

Our job costing software helps you understand where profit is made or lost.


Job costing is the process of tracking the expenses incurred on a job against the revenue produced by that job. Job costing is an important tool for those who are pairing a relatively high dollar volume per customer with a relatively low number of customers. For example, building contractors, subcontractors, architects and consultants often use job costing, whereas a hardware store or convenience store would not use job costing. They use departmental costing.


Job costing enables you to track a number of factors and analyze the results to aid decision making. MySoft ERP provided you the job analysis report in GL and P&L per job which to helps in tracking each and every dollar spent that are related to the certain jobs. An Estimates vs. Actuals report compares quoted costs to actual costs, and quoted revenues to actual revenues so that you can analyze any variances between your quote and the actual result. You can then use the results of your analysis to create more accurate quotes when you bid on future jobs.


Using job costing will allow you to identify the most and least profitable areas of your business, so that you can focus on the profitable elements, and try to make the less profitable aspects of your business more efficient. It will help you to quote new jobs more accurately, and assist you in managing jobs in progress.


Your Bill of Materials is too important to leave open to errors.

A bill of materials (BOM) is the record of the raw materials, sub-assemblies and supplies used to construct a product. The bill of materials is used to calculate the cost of a product, as well as to order parts from suppliers.


MySoft ERP provides unlimited BOM items with option for multiple BOM variations per single stock item. Attributes of component parts and sub-assemblies, such as weight or cost, can be rolled-up within a BOM to provide a total for a product, reducing the time otherwise spent manually calculating those totals. The visibility of sub-totals of those attributes for each sub-assembly allows more in-depth analysis of a product. Roll-up capability is in real-time, so stakeholders can immediately assess the impact of any changes on those total values, such as overall weight or product cost, enabling them to act on those changes in a timely manner. In addition, you may revise the BOM which enabling easier and more flexible production planning.

BOM structures can easily be defined, enabling users to view BOMs in the right context, seeing only the information relevant to them. With the ‘Tree’ view, it allow you to access and review the content of the BOM for the production in order to run a better material source planning.

Works Order

Works Order

In MySoft ERP, work order helps you in raw material allocation as you able to keep track the stock level whereby you will be notify when there is stock shortage in the actual stock level. In addition, you are allowed to control the warehouse involving during the arrangement for the work order.

In the work order module, you can easily review the products and the cost involved. If there are any revisions needed, you may also directly update to the work order done to get in line with the latest details. Furthermore, when there is any progress for the work order process. You may check back to the status of the work order which can be view through the module quick view screen.

Works order is referring to the BOM for process and will be updated when there are stock assembly made.

Multi Currency

Multi Currency

Mysoft ERP software provides user a multi currency setting that is easy to use when dealing with foreign transactions. Regardless of whether it is from suppliers, customers or cash book, the multi currency function can accommodate easily in several choices of currency ranging from ‘USD, etc.


Furthermore, Mysoft ERP also auto calculates the currency gain or loss/ unrealized gain or loss for the specific transaction and posts it to the GL. Historical spot rates are easily traceable as all transactions are recorded and kept by the software.

Multi Voucher

Multi Voucher

Mysoft ERP allows creation and usage of multiple voucher numbers. Basically, users get to ‘customize their document number to suit specific customers/suppliers. It also allows transactions to be linked to users and branch. This makes facilitating of voucher and running numbers made easy from a top view.

The multiple voucher allows transactions to be linked to users or branch. This feature makes auditing process easy as proper audit trail is always kept.

Another benefit of this is after initial entry, it reduces human error as everything is being automated.

“Assume the company has 3 branches. Each branch issues their own SO. The multiple Voucher function allows for increasing order of SOs for the branch itself without disrupting other branch’s SO.


HQ will retain detail records of branches transaction. “

Batch & Serial control

Batch And Serial Control

In MySoft ERP, the batch and serial control are available across application. Using serial numbers in an inventory management application allows you to capture serial numbers during various inventory transactions resulting from goods receipts, goods issues, stock transfers, stock transport orders, and physical inventory processing, and thus it provides inventory control at an individual unit level.

When used in a plant maintenance and customer service application, a serial number not only provides you with control over the products sold but also lets you identify, record, and track your own assets, including their maintenance records. In a sales and services application, you can assign serial numbers to the individual units that are delivered to the customers via a delivery document. You can also capture serial numbers in the return delivery document.

Batch and Serial control is utilised where a product has a batch or serial number which needs to be tracked. These can by supplier or your own numbers. Users can track a part from receipt of materials from the vendor through delivery of the product to the customer, as well as all intermediate levels. This facilities “easy recall” where necessary, warranty tracking and maintaining full service histories.You may also check to the details and movement of the products based on batch or serial number.

Salesman Commission

Salesman Commission

Mysoft ERP allows calculations of salesman commissions relating to goods sold easily. Regardless personal commission or based on team commission, MySoft ERP also able to handle for you. It also allows tracking sales transactions to specific salesman made easy and automatically calculates commission and posting it to GL at real time. You may also review the detailed salesman commission with the commission report.

POS System

POS System

We believe that there are many business owners who struggling to integrate their POS system with their accounting software. Therefore, we have developed our own POS system which actually works perfectly together with MySoft ERP.

Users do not need to re-key the transactions, nor import the data from POS into MySoft ERP. All data inserted in our POS system will automatically be recorded in our ERP system as well.

Bulk Email

Bulk Email

You can be now managing bulk email and email marketing sending more easily with MySoft ERP.


The Email Module is perfectly integrated with other modules and provides you the fast and automates bulk email sending Customer e-Statement/Quotation/Sales Order/Invoice/Purchase Order/Payment Reminder and Payment Receipt.


Moreover, you can also use it to send the Approval Notification Email to management for the newly created or edited SO/PO. Besides that, you can also send the PO to your supplier and they either confirm or reject your PO through email easily and update the Purchase Order’s Status in MySoft ERP automatically and easily.

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