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Introducing the Most Intelligent Mr. Accounting Version 10

Why you should update to Version 10:​

Version 10 complies to the government’s latest SST guideline and has some useful new features that can smoothen your business.

Manage Latest GST Ruling

allows you to easily manage the latest GST ruling revised by Royal Malaysian Customs Department

Improved Features


More advance features, run your business smoother

More Intelligent and  Stable

ease the work of accountants as it is more intelligent and stable

Top 10 New Features in Version 10


*This update is for M10, M20 and M30 users only


1. Do we need to pay for the update?

This update worth RM1000 and we are giving it FREE for active MySoft Care members.

2. Will my reports and data get affected after I perform the update?

NO. In Mr. Accounting Version 10 Update Guide, there are steps teaching you how to backup your data and reports.  

Hence, your reports and data will not be affected even if you perform the update on your own. Please be noted that is an important step.

3. Can I try Mr. Accounting Version 10 before updating my current version?

YES, you can. However, you need to install Version 10 in a different laptop. If you want to officially use Version 10, you still need to go through the update procedure as you need to keep your reports and data from your current version.


4. What can I benefit from the auto-update function?

Your software will always be kept up-to-date as long as your license is active. You no need to worry about amendment made by government in GST ruling as we will constantly update our GST Module.


5. How to activate new tax codes and GAF Version 2 in the new version?

Select the new tax codes to be applied and tick the GAF Ver 2 when generating GAF. MySoft will inform you when the new guideline is officially release by the government.

Update to Mr. Accounting V10 Now! How?

For Server PC

3 Simple Steps:

  1. BACKUP your data in Mr. Accounting

  2. Run the Mr. Accounting Version 10 Update Installer                                                          (select "update the instance", NOT "install new instance")

  3. Request Version 10 access code from MySoft (regardless renewal access code) 

It’s so easy that YOU CAN JUST DO IT YOURSELF!

  • Read the update manual guide here

  • Download Mr. Accounting Version 10 Update Installer here

For client PC

  1. Run only the patch file.

      Download patch file here

To know more about Version 10

For further assistance, contact us:

Tel : 03- 8601 0698

Email :

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