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Material Requisition

MySoft ERP Material Requisition gives you clear visibility to the integrated effect of current and future supply and demand.

Material Requisition is an internal document, which is not shared with the Customer or suppliers, and needs approval from superior for converting into Purchase Requisition, Sales Order, Delivery Order and Invoice. This app allow your project users to create Materials Requisition to pick up items from inventory and used in the production process or in the procision of a service to a customers, usually for a specific job.

Materials Requisition-1.png

View all your Materials Requisition List in a glance


Besides from viewing materials requisition list in a glance, you can also do the materials allocation or convert the materials requisition into Invoice directly from quick view screen

List all the materials to request for transfer or purchase


To request materials for transfer from inventory to production use or to make materials purchase requisition for internal staff use.

Materials Requisition-2.png
Materials Requisition-3.png

Flexible Schedule on how the materials being transferred.


Record down the details of the customer’s Purchase Order Stock Code and how they request for the materials delivery.

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